1963 Deceased Classmates


Allard Garcia Darlene - Darlene died in a car accident.

Anderson Thompson Diane - Diane died on October 5, 2003 from Cancer.

Babcock Ralph - Ralph died on June 26, 2006 of Lung Cancer.

Brown Judy - Judy passed away from Cancer ?

Brown Steven

Bujold Jim - Jim passed away in his sleep the morning of May 15, 2006 of Heart Failure. He was the treasurer for the reunion committee for as long as I can remember. Jim is described as one who always found the best in everyone and encouraged those he met to work hard, be proud and enjoy the time you have with family.

Calvert William

Capeletti Ronald - Ronnie passed away from Cancer.

Castner Leroy - Leroy passed away between our 25 & 30th reunion. We had received word that he had passed prior to the 25th reunion.
He was very much alive and attended that reunion…seems like he came in wearing a shirt that was printed with the words "I'm Alive"! I do not know the cause of death.

Ciuffa Donald

Coile John "Sonny" - Sonny passed away 2/17/2007

Corbitt Slappey Brenda

Delara Frank - Frank died during the Vietnam War. Prior his death and to the surprised of many, he fathered a daughter who was adopted. His parents were not aware of Frank's daughter. After discovering Frank was her father she came to our 30th/35th reunion where she was honored with several wonderful testimonies about her dad.

Demarco Beverly - Beverly passed away from cancer.

DePaula Manuel

Fried Charles E. Fried, Jr.- Charles died December 18, 2003 after a long battle with lung cancer. He never smoked a day in his life.

Fuller John "Steve" - John “Steve” Fuller of Wellington, Florida passed away April 14, 2008. He was a Retired City of Coral Gables Police Department Detective Sergeant.

Gispert Manuel

Good Dixon Carolyn "Skee" - Skee did not graduate with us because her family moved during her senior year. She considered herself a member of our class of '63. She passed away January 6, 2007 after a lengthy battle with multiple myeloma. Even as she attended our 40th reunion, she showed signs of the disease. She attended Glen Curtis Elementary, Miami Springs Junior High, and left at the beginning of her senior year at Hialeah High. She later went to Vanderbilt University where she graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology and later became an R.N.

Hackler Worley Rachel - Rachel was an ICU Nurse at Hialeah Hialeah Hospital and a long-time Springs resident. Her parents were pioneer founders of Miami Springs Presbyyterian church.

Hancock Robert L. - Robert passed away in approximately 1997 of a heart attack.

Hawthorne Ronald

Klepal Albertoes Frances M - Frances passed away in 2001.

Knowles Clifford "Kippy"

Mancusi Ralph William - Ralph passed away on 4/1/1992

Mihalet Adelbert Francis - Aldelbert died in Vietnam

Miller Grattan "Buzz" - Buzzy attended the 35th reunion. He was exhibiting signs of his illness at that time. He wrote notes to us that I (Mar) shared with our classmates. He passed away on April 6, 2000

Panco, Jr., MS. DVM Peter - We learned of Peter's illness at our 35th reunion. We signed posters letting him know how much we cared for him. He passed away shortly thereafter of Cancer.

Reid Martin Elaine Frances

Roberts Bryan Jerry - Bryan passed away from Cancer.

Preble Paul

Stafford Douglas

Stephenson Faust Nancy Elaine Passed away October 1998.

Stull Frank C. - Frank died February 25, 2001 from an industrial accident

Turner Patrick Eugene - Pat died in March of 2006. Please look on page 118 of our annual at the two Pat Turners. This Pat is the one on the left who was the "Most Valuable Player" in the 12th grade.

Tyre Mitch - Mitch died in a Motorcycle accident around 1996-1997
Valdes Crespo Barbara Ann - Barbara passed away accidentially on April 1,1973.
Wallace William "Bill" - Bill was electrocuted while working January 3, 1973. I believe he was a line man for the power company.

Warwick Dennis John - Dennis died in a car accident.

Wheelock Karl Harriette Agnes - Harriette passed away October 8, 1996 of Cancer.
Wood Frank

Zeller Howard "Bill" - Howard died December 24, 2006 of massive heart failure. View Howard's online guest book where you can browse over 100 entries about the way family, friends & former students felt about Howard. http://www.legacy.com/SunSentinel/Obituaries.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonID=204

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