Reunion Photos

Special Note:

Here are just a few pictures from the Reunion weekend. There will be many more in the Memory Book. If you haven't ordered the Memory Book, they should be ordered no later than November 30th.

The Hula Boys

Vic Whitaker, Mike Bardakjy, Tommy Pinder, Paul Payne, Sam Klaus, Louis Toledo, Bill Zell

Wayne Jones, Roz Robinson Malecka, Mike Redd


Debbie Hudson Riley, Joe Mannick, Karen Stroyvus

Bob White, Dennis Mead, Tina Norman, Donna Reed, Sandi Seamans, Bill Deinger, 
Roger Springfels, Nancy Magner, Frances Alvarez, Tommy Jula


Kenny Bing, Sue Bowland Lee, Carl Lundblom, Sharyn Sapp Mills, Cris Eaton Fee, 
Rick Jeffery, Diane Bing

Vince Mrazovich, Jeff Kopp, Billy Bullington Livesay, Bruce Wiggins, Vic Whitaker, 
Mike Bardakjy


Jimmy Ogden, Mark Dewey, Carl Lundblom, Rick Jeffery

Stacey Hammeetman, Debbie Kraft Puglisi, Patty Kindig Kipp, Ofe Alvarez Whitaker, Terri Andoff Whitmire, Karen Kemp Hahn


Ray Zeman's brother, Bill Zell, Rolando Perez, Vic Whitaker, Ray Zeman, George Kram

Carolyn Herring, Donna Falana, Mona Echevarria, Terry Lash, Carol LaCroix, 
Coral Leonard


Tommy Jula and his "Harem" What a guy!

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