Remembering Hialeah Grads Then and Now

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Class of '66 John Van Lieu Celebration of Passing

Mark Nicholson and Suzanne Little Schlernitzauer

Mark and Suzanne skiing in New Mexico

Ladies of Class of '74

Filer Junior High School 2008

Filer again 2008

Carol Baxley Little and Terry Little 2008

Terry and Carol

Sandra Frye Patrick class of '60 and brother class of '64

Class of '64 Charles Edward Frye "Eddie"

Hialeah Grads Lefty, Clint Dewhurst, Charlie Hough

Grandpap Lefty and Gavin

Grandma Renata and Gavin

Dave and Anita Pomposelli Lang, Xmas 2002

Grandpa Mike Thrailkill and Cooper

Mike T. , Cooper and Kaelee

David Goodwin '57

David Goodwin 2002

David, Hannah and Kristy

David G. with daughter Nancy

Inez Becraft Waddell

Vic and Ofe Whitaker '69

Vic, Victor,Ofe and Michael Whitaker '69

Anita and Ofe '69

Gene, Fran and Claire Hoffman '65

Billy Bullington Livesay (Class of 69)

Billy playing with Clarence Clemons Band at Gulfstream Park

Mike Thrailkill and Wayne Smith Class of '66

Fishing Trip and needless to say some got away!

Ed Peabody, Class of '66

Sue at the K.C. concert

Sue Lowden and Harry Casey July 6th 2003 at Alameda County Fair

K.C. in action

Harry in motion, uh uh

Bob Wells Bicycle Ride

Bob and his group of fellow riders

Charlie Hough's Induction into the Hall of Fame

Pat Willis Kohler and hubby Frank Class of 63 & 64

The rest of the family, Frank, James, Jason, Mary, Tabitha and Jessica Nicole

Jack and Pat Murphy at a bike event

John Murphy riding in an event

Pat Murphy and daughter Leal Ann

Jack and Pat's oldest son Tim

Jack and Pat Murphy's son, Tim

Proudly serving in the USMC

Sue Lowden Jacobs, class of '69 with brother Donald Class of '72

Geoff and Susan Lowden Jacobs on Cruise

Another Jacobs vacation, you're too young to retire!

Alexander Hayden Thrailkill (9lbs, 9 oz, 23 inches)

Phyllis Boemler Tom Fultz son's wedding

Kathy Morgan Kriete

Kathy and hubby Ron

Kathy's Grandchild, 2 yr. old Madison

Carol La Croix Chance, husband Michael Class of '69

Tom Fultz and Phyllis Boemler Swenson

Tom, Daughter in law, son, Phyllis

Gordon and Phyllis

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