Reunion of the 60's
August 2001

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Your MC for the Evening

Class of 69

Go Go Boys

Becky and Ofe

Class of 91 joined us oldtimers

Dave Kasten, Jeff Gower and friends

Elaine A. and Jimmy M.

What a crew, still going at 1230a

Just another Friday night

Check out the Balloons

Later in the evening in our suite

Group of Roses

Our DJ (Jimmy Jam) and Janet

Jimmy and Jayme

Karen, Peggy and Lefty

Tiger and Larry C.

Later in the evening at the suite

Lefty and Renata

Charlie Hough's other half, Sharon Hough

Line dance, look out

Who out of this group didn't get to see Sat. night due to an over zealous Fri. night?

Relaxing on Saturday mid-day

Starlight Room

More Starlight Room

Another out of work entertainer

Tiger, Elaine and Janet

Tommy Bova and the TRB

Tommy Dillon and group

TRB (The Reunion Band)


Sherri, Vic and Robin

Just a little foot and alot of leg

Peggy Burke Darnell and Mike Turner "Budda"

Chris and Tim

Beth and Renata

Bill and Marsha Phillips

Bob Hayberg and Linda Pryor


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