Winter Fantasy 
March 4, 2000

Organizing Committee

(Back Row) Darlene Ashmeade, Sue Willis Cross, Susan Seamans Russum, Beverly Cockroft Bailey, 
Lynn Walb Barna, Anita Pomposelli Lang

(Front Row) Lefty McBride, Lynn McIntyre


The Welcoming Committee

Darlene Ashmeade, Lynn McIntyre
Ofe Alvarez Whitaker, Anita Pomposelli Lang


Collage Thanks to Jack Murphy

Class of '66
Jack Murphy, Linda Brooks,????, Lefty McBride, Larry Bowman, Anita Valdez Whitten, Mike Thrailkill, Barbara Knoch Thrailkill, Judy Lupher Brown, Ray Brown, Donna Dewhurst


Class of '67
Richard Clark, Cheryl Evans, Frank Ash, Susan Seamans Russum

Class of '68

Cathy O'Connell George, Penny Charles Pilgrim,???,  Kay Fernander Poole, ???, Jerri Dickie,
 Pat Pilgrim, 

Class of '69

Back row:
Darlene Case Porbin, Bob White, Darlene Ashmeade Burdette, Sue Willis Cross,  Bev Cockroft Bailey, (hiding behind Sue), Joe Beasley, Ofe Alvarez Whitaker, Lynn Walb Barna, Becky McBride Shulenberg, Margie Kuhn Walker, Sue Lowden Jacobs, Nancy Cherry Reisman, and Lynette Simmons Hart.

Front Row:
Tim Wright, Jerry Smith, Bob McIntyre, Lynn Morgan McIntyre, Vic Whitaker, Hilda Higdon, 
Anita Pomposelli

Class of '69 from different angle


Class of '70

 Judy Hart Hill , Danny Branham, Debbie Dorsette McMahon

Class of '71
Donna Mayer, William Seamans, ???

Class of '72
   Mary Ann White, Clark, Pam Almoina Morris, Jimmy Knoch

Class of '73
Jimmy Knoch, Susan McIntyre Knoch, Greg Warfield

Ofe Alvarez Whitaker and Anita Pomposelli Lang

Anita & Lefty

Lefty & wife Renata Sherrick

The 3 Musketeers Anita V., Ofe W., & Anita P.

Barry Erdvig & Bob Seamans  (1960)                                      Barry & Anabelle Wilson (1965)

Beverly Cockroft Bailey and Lynn McIntyre

Becky McBride Shulenburg and husband John

Becky S. & Ofe W.

Carol Clark Griffin

Not too old to dance.
Bob White, Kane, Margie Kuhn Walker, Dave Lang

Lefty & wife Renata

All Skate, Class of '69 women

Cathy O'Connell George, Lefty, Nancy Cherry Reichman, Danny Branham

Cathy O'Connell George, Vic Whitaker, Margie Kuhn Walker

The following are some of Hialeah's all time finest

Bob, Vic, Pat, Dale,Danny

Bob White and Pat Pilgrim

Dale Whitten

I've seen better legs on chairs!

T-Bred Horse is Donna Mayer

Bob, Russ, Dale, Pat, Danny

The Clark Family

Dale Whitten and Tom Fitzpatrick

Danny, Vic and Anita


Jack, Pat and Anita

The Two Anita's doing the Atlanta Two Step

(In the background) Judy Lupher Brown, Jack and Pat Murphy, Dan Ianerelli

Larry Bowman and Dan Ianerelli

Linda and Larry Bowman

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